experience the floating market

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Maybe you all heard about floating market in Thailand. As you may also heard that Damnoen Saduak floating market in Thailand was crowded with tourists and locals were selling more or less souvenirs. But i doubt that everyone knows that a true floating Market can found in Banjarmasin South of Kalimantan.

And Banjarmasin floating market is unique and very – very unique because all of the transaction to do in the boat that found of that river. The merchants bring out all domestic product such as; fruits, vegetables, food and handicrafts over the boat. This activity takes place from 05.00 to 09.00 mornings. Its location resides in Barito River.

Muara Kuin on the Barito River, Banjarmasin is one of two floating markets in this planet. To experience Banjarmasin you must take to the river, either by “klotok“ (river bus), or a speedboat for longer trips. At this market we can buy many variuos fruits and vegetable. One of the fabulous character of this river tourism market is “jukung” or “klotok”. Jukung is the name of tradisional boat in Banjarmasin.

During five hundred years, the Kuin floating market being the favorite place in Banjarmasin. In 1526, Sultan Suryansah build the capital city of his kingdom at the side of the river. It was an old Kuin. However, Kuin have a strong historical relationship to the birth of Banjarmasin city. At this place, the live of Banjarmasin trading began.

I came late, the market already started their activity. And i’ve got very bad luck, unfortunately the sky was overcast so there was no nice light so i cant took such a great picture.

Do you feel hungry and think to have breakfast? Try to get a food from Klotok Restaurant. Dont think about the “dirty water”, well at least it is NATURE RIVER WATER… and i bet, some of you might think, who dare to use fork and spoon whilst the boat keep on wobbleing? Well, I’d tried. and it’s very nice. voila!

The next day, i tried to sail the river into Lok Bintan, another floating market in South Kalimantan. I dont wanna missed the market, so i woke up early to explore such an exotic floating market. Some says that Lok Baitan floating market is more nature, less crowded with tourists and locals were trade their produce. And you can also find origin Kalimantan people, DAYAK.

I tried to not laugh when saw how the DAYAK women make their face up. For cosmopolitan girl like me, the powder that they use in their face was totally mess. But it is the way DAYAK women dress up. They also believe they can attract man if they went like that. Anyway, the powder that they used in their face, its traditional recipe that only can find in Banjarmasin. I forgot the name, but it came from the forest.

The river culture continued to develop, gave the special and interesting cultural feature. One of the tour activities was most interesting in the Banjarmasin city was walking followed the river and the canal. The area of outskirts his city of scenery of river nature was still original and tourists could follow along the Martapura River and the Barito River by using the Boat boat and Speedboat.

Dont be afraid with the local people. They are TOTALLY AMAZINGLY FRIENDLY. The most welcome people that i ever met in Indonesia. They would loved give you anything if you were nice with them. But dont you even dare to offend or say something bad about they religion and nation. Really, you better wish you never been there if you already make them angry.

Anyway, experience, the floating market, either in Muara Kuin or Lok Baitan, it is definitely worth it. Just getting up early and visiting the market! You can arrange a boat a day before, the boatmen know when and where to go.


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