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the bamboo rafting

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One of my best experience during Banjarmasin trip was Bamboo rafting. Yep, it was RAFTING but with Bamboos. Here i got journey crossing mount Kantawan and tropical forest on riverside. At first i little bit worry, i cant swim and somehow i have no guts to beat the river. But the local Dayak rafter guarantee my safety for this journeys. Others told me that the Dayak have very excellent skill to drive the bamboo raft in rapid river.

So, I WONT REGRET my decision. It was the BEST RAFTING i ever had in my life. Going to forest to cut bamboos and set the bamboo raft with villagers, then do the two hours save Bamboo Rafting through Amandit rapid river. Surprisingly, i met the native people, DAYAK, and learning their culture and tradition.

Me and the group planned to stay overnight in one of old DAYAK village community that only can reach across the river. But we ran out of the time. So we only stop and share some stuff there.

Ohhh….. i lost my word with how the treat us. when the Dayak saw our group came into their village, they gave us such a warm greeting. The moment after, the elder came into stage and….. wait, he was about start the welcome ceremony. they pray, they touch our skinhead and gave our bless.What a amazing people.

I met 95 years old dayak lady. she’s still looks young, like 50 years old. she still work, and kinda girlish. she cant speak Indonesian nor english, but she always flirt anyone there.

well, she is not the only one old lady. but if you wish to see dayak ear length, you wont get it. you need to go deep Kutai’s forest, not in Banjarmasin.

According Amai Pebulung (A Pampang Dayak tribal elders), The first dayak many live in the forest, to distinguish between humans and monkeys, “If the short ears mean he’s a monkey …..”

Ear length is characteristic of the Dayaks, in the past almost everyone either male Dayak and long-eared women. For women if the ears get longer and more ear pendant she was more beautiful then. For the boys usually pendant ears made carvings.

I was little bit disappointed when found the fact that those people didnt wear the famous dayak headhunters. Silly, but somehow i wanna have my own fairy tale. It must be noted that individual Dayak groups have their social and hierarchy systems defined internally, and these differ widely from each region.

The dayak people that i met that day is Islam society. The head dayak society said to me that in Kalimantan there are about 200 Dayak nation. Each society have their own religion and system. But mostly Dayak have Mandaus (matches ‘parang’ in Indonesian ). The blade is made of a softer iron, to prevent breakage, with a narrow strip of a harder iron wedged into a slot in the cutting edge for sharpness. In headhunting it was necessary to able to draw the parang quickly. For this purpose, the mandau is fairly short, which also better serves the purpose of trailcutting in dense forest. It is holstered with the cutting edge facing upwards and at that side there is an upward protrusion on the handle, so it can be drawn very quickly with the side of the hand without having to reach over and grasp the handle first. The hand can then grasp the handle while it is being drawn. The combination of these three factors (short, cutting edge up and protrusion) makes for an extremely fast drawing-action.

Before sunset, we’re continue our journey. and you know what…. i tried to ride my own bamboo, and yessss…. i become an expret in 2 minutes only. The guide told me that it is also possible to swim in the river but i cant swim. Shot!!!


experience the floating market

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Maybe you all heard about floating market in Thailand. As you may also heard that Damnoen Saduak floating market in Thailand was crowded with tourists and locals were selling more or less souvenirs. But i doubt that everyone knows that a true floating Market can found in Banjarmasin South of Kalimantan.

And Banjarmasin floating market is unique and very – very unique because all of the transaction to do in the boat that found of that river. The merchants bring out all domestic product such as; fruits, vegetables, food and handicrafts over the boat. This activity takes place from 05.00 to 09.00 mornings. Its location resides in Barito River.

Muara Kuin on the Barito River, Banjarmasin is one of two floating markets in this planet. To experience Banjarmasin you must take to the river, either by “klotok“ (river bus), or a speedboat for longer trips. At this market we can buy many variuos fruits and vegetable. One of the fabulous character of this river tourism market is “jukung” or “klotok”. Jukung is the name of tradisional boat in Banjarmasin.

During five hundred years, the Kuin floating market being the favorite place in Banjarmasin. In 1526, Sultan Suryansah build the capital city of his kingdom at the side of the river. It was an old Kuin. However, Kuin have a strong historical relationship to the birth of Banjarmasin city. At this place, the live of Banjarmasin trading began.

I came late, the market already started their activity. And i’ve got very bad luck, unfortunately the sky was overcast so there was no nice light so i cant took such a great picture.

Do you feel hungry and think to have breakfast? Try to get a food from Klotok Restaurant. Dont think about the “dirty water”, well at least it is NATURE RIVER WATER… and i bet, some of you might think, who dare to use fork and spoon whilst the boat keep on wobbleing? Well, I’d tried. and it’s very nice. voila!

The next day, i tried to sail the river into Lok Bintan, another floating market in South Kalimantan. I dont wanna missed the market, so i woke up early to explore such an exotic floating market. Some says that Lok Baitan floating market is more nature, less crowded with tourists and locals were trade their produce. And you can also find origin Kalimantan people, DAYAK.

I tried to not laugh when saw how the DAYAK women make their face up. For cosmopolitan girl like me, the powder that they use in their face was totally mess. But it is the way DAYAK women dress up. They also believe they can attract man if they went like that. Anyway, the powder that they used in their face, its traditional recipe that only can find in Banjarmasin. I forgot the name, but it came from the forest.

The river culture continued to develop, gave the special and interesting cultural feature. One of the tour activities was most interesting in the Banjarmasin city was walking followed the river and the canal. The area of outskirts his city of scenery of river nature was still original and tourists could follow along the Martapura River and the Barito River by using the Boat boat and Speedboat.

Dont be afraid with the local people. They are TOTALLY AMAZINGLY FRIENDLY. The most welcome people that i ever met in Indonesia. They would loved give you anything if you were nice with them. But dont you even dare to offend or say something bad about they religion and nation. Really, you better wish you never been there if you already make them angry.

Anyway, experience, the floating market, either in Muara Kuin or Lok Baitan, it is definitely worth it. Just getting up early and visiting the market! You can arrange a boat a day before, the boatmen know when and where to go.

2011’s Top Predictions From Top Travel Experts

Travel Industry Wire Predicts Travel Returns in 2011 With New Destinations, New Technologies and a New Reliance on Travel Insurance

After a fairly dismal 2010, the skies are finally looking more open for air travel in 2011, says the UK’s leading website for flight deals comparison.

“There’s no denying the last year has been tough on the travel industry with volcano ash, airline strikes, and other disruptions causing anxiety among consumers,” says Francesca Ecsery, Global Sales Director for Cheapflights Media.

“But things are really looking up for the New Year; consumer confidence seems to be renewed as is the enthusiasm for getting away, particularly with this last bout of bad weather, which has pushed many to go in search of sunny, bargain escapes,” continues Ecsery.


Here, issues Air Travel’s Top Five Predictions for 2011:


Solo Travel / Literary Travel


The world is more open to solo travel and soul searching than ever before. The release of iconic movies such as Eat Pray Love has brought new elements to last year’s ‘Travel with a Purpose’ trend. Since its premiere on 22nd September 2010, searches to India have risen by 25 percent year on year showing that more travellers are up to following in the footsteps of author Liz Gilbert to explore the world independently, and travel companies and lodging is supporting the trend with special accommodation for the solo travel category.


Travel Hot Spots

With every new year come predictions for new holiday hotspots. The effects of the recession coupled with global events such as the World Cup have reprioritised the way travellers search, what leads their destination choices and have even expanded the distances they’re willing to travel. As such, predicts the trending hotspots for 2011 will include the likes of Brazil, Morocco, Tunisia, China, and up and comers within Eastern Europe that are still in Europe but don’t yet use the Euro such as Latvia and Lithuania, among others. In other words, people are a lot more flexible with their destinations, with trying new things, and a lot more open to new places.

Techno-travel 2011

Smart phones and applications add an extra element of fun on the go, and the fact that the internet is accessible at any time through smart phones could spur an increase in last-minute travel bookings from phones. Flexibility is the cornerstone to finding great deals and particularly, cheap deals, which is the essence of the Cheapflights product, so the ability to search and compare flights on the go should encourage last-minute travel.

Air Fares will Rise

We believe that air fares will tend to move upwards in 2011. Passenger demand has increased to 5 percent over pre 2008 levels although Iata sees increase in demand pace slowing in the New Year. Some important points for consumers to keep in mind include:

* Increased taxation and other fees charged to aviation are likely to be passed on to consumers;

* Taxes similar to APD are gaining prevalence as is the debate for a global environmental charge on all flights

* Airlines are increasing capacity at a conservative pace, keeping the supply/demand ratio more in sync than it was pre-recession

* Asian Economies are recovering well and energy demand from them is putting upward demand on oil prices — analysts expect the price to push through $100 per barrel in the near future

* The International Energy Agency has revised its estimate of world-wide oil demand for this year to 2.3 million barrels a day, the second highest in the last 15 years

Insurance & Assurance

Given the volcanoes, strikes, and most recent snowy disruptions of the past year, the rise of travel assurance is a trend that is already in motion and set to continue in 2011. Travellers are increasingly booking with agents or airlines where some kind of insurance is guaranteed in the event of any disruption. While the UK traveller is already savvy when it comes to travel insurance, we are likely to see an increase in the number of people who take out travel insurance as a result of the incidents from this past year.

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